Elegant and Functional Pergolas

Pergolas are so much more than a garden structure. There are lots of considerations to make before you decide which model and features to purchase. It is recommended that you explore the finishes, configurations, and build materials to ensure that you select a structure that is durable, comfortable and looks amazing year after year.

There are suppliers, such as Babilonia, who only work with the best materials and provide robust structures with various configuration options, allowing you to source a unique model that is custom built for your exact needs.  Your supplier may also offer complementary products such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, bar and accessories which together greatly enhance the outdoor living experience.

Elegant pergolas can easily be designed so that all their transmission systems are hidden inside the structure, creating a pleasant space. These systems include a range of comfort options such as infrared heating systems, waterproof audio systems, and perimeter lighting that uses low-consumption RGB and white light LED spotlights.

Bluetooth systems allow you to control your pergola from an app on your phone and a Wi-Fi switchboard makes it easy to control remotely so you don’t need to worry if you forget to switch something off after you leave your home.

Automatic rain, wind and snow sensors with adjustable heavy-duty rotating louvres can close automatically or via the app providing a breathable and waterproof cover. Water channeling ensures all water collected on the surface is channeled to the drainage point through the columns.

Various styles and dimensions are available. It is even possible to specially make irregular shapes that adapt to any space. You can create a timeless design in any RAL colour with a textured or matte finish. There are a multitude of enclosure options to isolate your pergola from the outside including sliding glass doors and fixed panels. You can also insulate your pergola with canvas screens in various colors and materials with a retractable motor to cover the pergola automatically from your smartphone. If you want to create a structure that looks completely homogeneous and without visible screws, assemblies can be carried out on the inside of the structure. Be mindful to look for robust materials in the structure and reinforced pillars that provide durability.

Not only can you create a stunning, comfortable structure, it is possible to create a sustainable space. The installation of transparent photovoltaic panels can produce a slight shade and generate clean energy.

Buying your pergola from an outdoor living specialist such as Babilonia can help you navigate the many options available, also the additional products they offer which make outdoor living such a joy.

Contact Babilonia on 01565 750666 to discuss your project or email sales@aquacut.co.uk. Babilonia can recommend an affordable option for any space in your garden. Alternatively visit www.babilonia.co.uk to view the full range of outdoor living products.