Woodscape have been an integral part of the British landscape for decades, and you will have seen our market-leading products many, many times.

You will have sat on our benches, had our bollards guide your path, walked upon or taken shelter under our numerous crafted timber builds, and taken their quality and longevity for granted.

We provide products that go beyond their inevitable day-one ‘wow factor’ and become part of their location in a way that feels natural, almost generational, as if they were always there and always meant to be there. Even if you don’t know our name, you know Woodscape.


Let us bring our beautiful products back to your attention, demonstrate the benefits of hardwood timber, and show how you can utilise both our standard and our custom designs to make the very best of your project, with the comfort of knowing that they will be utilised by this generation and the next, while still being just our little secret.