Discover KORE – A revolutionary reimagining of the MUGA

Current teenage provision tends to focus on a narrow range of facilities, such as a MUGA, a skate park, and a shelter. Recent research highlights that this kind of provision is tailored to the interests of a minority, it isn’t working for most. Make Space for Girls’ recent research report shows a shocking 90% of teenage play provision is dominated by boys, leaving girls feeling unsafe and unwelcome in these spaces. (Parkwatch Report, 2023).

KORE aims to reimagine public spaces as vibrant hubs of inclusivity and community engagement. Fuelled by insights from the latest research, especially focusing on the preferences of teenage girls, KORE seeks to revolutionize urban design, fostering safety, empowerment, and a sense of belonging.

Use the design toolkit, including KORE modular catalogue to create your space, for your community. Find out more today.

KORE – Jupiter Play and Leisure