Bison Composite Batten Cladding

Bison Composite Batten Cladding gives the on-trend style of real Cedar or Larch slatted cladding but also offers the robust and low-maintenance benefits that you get from a quality composite building material.

Supplied in a lifelike timber woodgrain finish in three colours options – Black, Oak and Ash Grey. The wood plastic composite material with hard wearing co-extruded capping make these cladding planks extremely durable. Bison Cladding is resistant to scratching, colour fade, mould and they will not twist or splinter.

The cladding comes in 2700mm long plank format with 4 battens per plank and a total cover width of 200mm. This makes installation far quicker than traditional Cedar batten screening that are installed individually, not to mention the extra time required to stain natural timber products after installation.

Installation is simple with the addition of just three colour matched trims to finish corners and window detail.

Bison composite batten cladding

Key features

  • Colour options: Oak, Ash-Grey and Black
  • 10-year product warranty
  • 2700mm planks (minimal wastage on single story builds)
  • 200mm cover width (wider than most comparable cladding products)
  • Great Aesthetics
  • 95% recyclable material
  • UV stable
  • Hard wearing, scratch resistant coating
  • Will not rot, twist, or splinter like timber
  • Mould, insect, and stain resistant
  • Low maintenance – No need to repaint or stain

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