ColorCore® Compact: Practical Beauty

ColorCore® Compact is the latest range from surfacing manufacturer Formica Group, a self-supporting material that provides a true alternative to natural and engineered stone and the next step in innovative decorative surfaces

With the solid grace of a natural material, but with the durability you would expect from a solid grade laminate, the colour matched, waterproof core allows design features to be engraved into the surface, enabling endless creative possibilities that stand the test of time.

There are three colour palettes to complement and transform any interior space: natural whites, cool greys and modern blacks – collections designed to communicate flair, sophistication and timeless luxury. ColorCore® Compact’s solid coloured core ensures a consistent colour throughout, leaving a clean, visually inspiring finish to your interior design project.

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ColorCore® Compact in Elemental Concrete (l) and Elemental Graphite (r)

ColorCore® Compact is available in a choice of 20 surfacing styles and decors featuring stones, solid colours, woodgrains and patterns, replicating some of the world’s most beautiful natural surfaces. Combining elegance with practicality, these surfaces are ideal for modern designers and traditionalists alike.

ColorCore® Compact in Nero Grafite (l) and Elemental Graphite (r)

Having the gracefulness of natural material but the durability you would expect from a solid grade laminate, ColorCore® Compact was designed to withstand high-traffic areas without compromising on aesthetic, finish or quality.

ColorCore® Compact is fully waterproof with non-porous properties; a consumer-friendly everyday product upon which spillages can be simply wiped away. Ideal for public spaces, ColorCore® Compact is hygienic, with its inert properties preventing bacteria from developing. The material is impact- and abrasion-resistant, making it resilient to heavy usage.

ColorCore Compact in Concrete Formwood (l) and Polar White (r)

Formica Group is driven to create innovative surfacing solutions that are high performing and easy to maintain. It can be cut on-site and installed using standard tools, avoiding the costs and time investment that’s usually associated with natural and engineered stone.

ColorCore® Compact presents endless creative possibilities, combining on-trend surface designs with a colour-matched core that provides colour all the way through. ColorCore® Compact instantly adds practical elegance to any project.