201305 Natural Stone

Brett Landscaping has enhanced its reputation as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hard landscaping products for commercial applications with the introduction of a new range of locally sourced natural stone products for flag paving.

Yorkstone is the most common urban stone for use in pedestrian areas as it offers the best combination of slip resistance and durability.  Brett has used its expertise to source grades of Yorkstone from UK quarries that are strong in both structure and aesthetic appearance.

As Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping explains, there are two major benefits to UK sourcing.  “We know our customers are as committed to sustainable solutions as we are, and UK sourcing significantly reduces the environmental impact.

“At the same time, by using reputable local sources we can guarantee 25 years’ reserves to ensure consistency, giving customers long-term peace of mind that any extensions or replacements to their paved areas will have a uniform, attractive appearance,” he adds.

The new range comprises three types of Yorkstone – Mouselow, Fens Moss and Highcroft – each of which has a distinctive colour and texture which will complement almost all types of commercial landscaping.  Each is available made to order in three standard gauges of 300, 450 and 600 mm, and three standard thicknesses of 50, 63 and 70 mm.

Brett offers a number of finishes including diamond sawn or bush hammered, as well as tactile paving options to meet Disability Discrimination Act regulations.

“Urban landscapers must meet a number of often conflicting requirements when designing and specifying pedestrian areas,” explains Andrew Gill.  “Natural stone has stood the test of time, and we are delighted to be able to offer a Yorkstone range that delivers on all counts.”