Architecture Meets Horticulture At World’s Second Oldest Theme Park

Living Wall specialist, ANS Global, has installed a stunning ‘living’ nine metre inverted cone at the second oldest theme park in the world, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. The cone measures one metre wide at the base and grows to four metres wide at the top.

A spokesperson at ANS Global explains: “We worked with the architects to develop the idea from a simple sketch that they had produced. It was their dream to have a tall, evergreen structure in the striking inverted conical shape, so we worked out the logistics to make their dream come true.

“The sculpture has been created to make the biggest possible visual impact with abundant greenery, yet the smallest achievable footprint to maximise the space available. We have incorporated birdsong and bedding plants, and Tivoli has the capability of adding in seasonal features such as decorations and pumpkins to keep the design fresh for regular visitors.”

The theme park managers don’t need to spend much time on maintaining the cone, because ANS Global has supplied a remote-controlled irrigation system which is monitored from its West Sussex-based head office.

To find out more about the project and ANS Global visit or call the head office on 01243 545 818.