The dealer (elastic sided, pull on) boot style was the signature product when the Buckbootz safety footwear range was launched in 1998. Since that time we have introduced many additional features to the dealer boot concept but up until now and for obvious reasons, the one dealer boot design feature which eluded safety footwear designers had been the provision of ankle support and protection. After two years of constant design development and wear testing Buckbootz announces a major breakthrough in dealer boot design with the pre spring launch of a sensational new dealer boot : bANg guardz®. Like many good ideas the solution to providing ankle protection on a dealer style is a simple one: build the stretch area into the top part of the front of the boot to enable the ankle protection to be built into the sides. However, that is only the beginning of the story. The real test is in perfecting the boot upper design and components combination so that all the wearer convenience of a normal dealer boot design is not compromised.

Getting that right has brought an impressive bonus: you would not believe how comfortable the bANg guardz® dealer boot style is, nor its lace style stable mate. The EN/ UKCA standard ankle protection (standard code: AN) built into these styles provides the extra benefit of unsurpassed snug fit, comfort and support. Both styles also come with Buckbootz Achilles Clasp heel support and S3 HRO AN SRC certification and both are WATERPROOF – even the elastic on the dealer style is waterproof! bANg guardz® joins a long list of Buckbootz protected designs which have broken with convention and brought completely new dimensions to safety footwear performance, function and comfort. Your Buckbootz Regional Sales Manager has bANg guardz® samples for you to preview and forward order. Don’t miss the opportunity to be amongst the first merchants to offer this safety boot revolution to your customers.

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