Wybone manufactures stylish new external recycling bins

The MV/35C Triple Recycling Bin is manufactured using galvanised steel and can be powder coated in a range of colours. These new circular closed top recycling bins can be found in and around Manchester, where they are being used to enhance busy environments and provide heavy duty waste and recycling points in busy public areas.

Shown in the photos with bespoke coloured apertures to encourage users to correctly dispose of their waste and recycling, ultimately increasing recycling figures and reducing waste sent to landfill. This particular bin has been designed with optional perforations and is shown with lasercut artwork to offer a truly stylish waste solution to its environment.

This bin provides a 282 litre capacity with internal galvanised steel liners that can be easily removed for cleaning and emptying. The large capacity means it does not need to be emptied as frequently and can take a high volume of waste.  Secured with a slam lock, a firm push on the door locks the unit again once a new waste bag has been fitted. We also offer an ‘XL’ version of this bin which offers a 420 litre capacity.

As with all Wybone galvanised steel products, a 10 year anti perforation warranty offers peace of mind that this product will not rust through, even after prolonged exposure to the elements!

We have a full in house design team to offer personalisation and bespoke design elements to this bin; feel free to contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

For a limited time only, take 5% off your first order of our new MV/35C Triple Recycling Bin by quoting code ‘Landscape5’. Simply call us on 01226 744010 or email us to hello@wybone.co.uk. You can also view this bin and our other ranges at www.wybone.co.uk.

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