Wembley Park

MCM’s lightweight soils and aggregates supplied for podium soft landscaping.The prestigious retail, outdoor living and community development at Quintain’s Wembley Park continues to expand and impress.  The E03 Podium project is due for completion late in 2020 and MCM have been supporting Goddard (Landscape Contractors) Ltd since this phase commenced back in August 2019.  With the new 12,000 square metre roof garden taking shape, MCM have recently supplied British Standard certified topsoil, subsoil, washed sharp sand and their intensive lightweight substrate, delivered efficiently, regularly and swiftly in volume in bulk bags and loose in tippers and grabs.

As this headlining landscape and groundwork project marches on, MCM have continued to operate, always adhering to the latest site, social and safety distancing guidelines.


Wembley Park Collaboration

Continuing the well-established relationship with their long-standing landscape client Goddards, MCM sourced and supplied materials with lighter saturated weight, an absolute prerequisite for podium landscapes constructed at height.  MCM intensive lightweight substrate is up to 25% lighter than regular British Standard topsoil and is rich in the appropriate nutrients and percolation.

MCM have been supplying the construction and landscape industry for almost 25 years and have been Affiliate Members of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) for 20 years.  Goddards (Landscape Contractors) Limited are also full contractor members of BALI.

Dependability, Flexibility, Reliability

As with any construction project, the contractor relies on the right product to arrive at the right time, to the right specification and to ease on-site manageability.  And here’s where MCM excel, with meticulous attention to the product specification, regular communication and adaptability to changing site conditions.  MCM also provided local holding areas to ensure swift reaction to site call-offs and side protection lorries for the bagged deliveries.


Ground Preparation for Podium Landscapes

For more information on MCM’s range of lightweight soil and aggregate options for roof gardens and podium landscapes,  as well as British Standard topsoil, primary and recycled aggregates and site management services, get in touch with MCM on 0330 1281030, by email to info@mcm-se.com or visit the website at www.mcm-se.com