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Palisade Fencing….. A product seen by many Local Authorities, Designers and Architects as an ineffective and dated security solution is making a comeback thanks to the innovative thinking taking place at Scotland’s last remaining security fence manufacturer. The team at Lochrin Bain have taken the traditional manufacturing process and design to new levels, upgrading it for 21st century Britain. ‘By adding our unique, patented V slot and counter bore design, we are seeing faith restored in a product first manufactured by Bain’s over 100 years ago.’ said Sales Manager Stephen Russell. ‘Security for many of our clients is as crucial as aesthetics, and we hope that both our Combi and Classic fencing range offer a solution that fits the bill.’ Both designs are currently being specified and installed across the UK with a growing portfolio of projects utilising the Classic™ including prestige car showrooms such as Porsche, Bentley and Maserati, while the Combi™ product is finding a market within the Utility, Rail and Datacentre markets.

‘We were receiving numerous calls regarding sites where standard welded mesh systems or traditional front fix palisade was originally installed, but was not meeting the security required. Fixings were being removed easily allowing unlawful access, and leaving sites with no clear indication of how to protect assets and infrastructure.’ These security issues were key in the development of the patented Lochrin ‘rivetless’ Classic design. The vertical pales pass through V shaped slots in the horizontal rails to offer greater protection compared with a standard front fixed fence, while gaining the aesthetics of a modern railing design. The Secured By Design Combi fence evolved from the company’s work gaining Home Office accreditation. Using the unique V slot of Classic, additional security is gained by utilising a bolt counter sunk into the front face of the rail. ‘An alternative to standard palisade, mesh and railing options which are just not secure enough for the job.’

Lochrin Bain’s reputation is built on foundations of solid iron dating back to 1859 when the company was founded at the iconic Lochrin Iron Works in Edinburgh. Unique product designs and modern thinking, allow the company to offer site specific solutions. From the original patented ‘rivetless’ Lochrin Classic, to the company’s flag ship Combi fence with its embedded anti-vandal bolt, winning Home Office accreditation a year after launch. Turnover has increased by 40 per cent on last year’s figures and looking to new designs will help the business continue their increase in the market. ‘Yes, we are seeing an upturn and being one of the UK’s top manufacturer’s means that we have the resources to meet that increase. We have become a more rounded company in the products that we have to offer to the market which is clearly an asset. We would encourage security consultants, architects and planners alike to talk to us about specific projects, and allow us to tailor a solution. It is this approach that will ensure a design that will last the test of time.’

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