Want to improve health and fitness in your community?

Proludic can help! We recently partnered with Knowsley Council to produce 15 sites under the green gyms initiative. These were opened this year and have been hugely successful.

In 2013, 23% of deaths in Knowsley were down to cardiovascular disease and the average life expectancy was 57 years. The council knew they had to take action and decided to build 15 unique sites that enables every resident in Knowsley to be within 10 minutes of free and accessible outdoor equipment.

Proludic have used their extensive product range and industry knowledge to design 15 impressive sites which will cater for the whole community (from younger children, to families and senior citizens, personal trainers and fitness fanatics and finally to people just wanting to have a go and get fitter at their own pace).

The Proludic Urbanix equipment has predominantly been used across most of the sites. Proludic Urbanix is the market leading outdoor equipment range which relies on a hydraulic piston to offer users 8 different levels of resistance. This is in stark contrast to other outdoor equipment which solely relies on user’s body weight.

To go alongside the Proludic Urbanix, we have also installed timber and metal trim trails, a social fitness zone (SFZ), Vitality outdoor equipment and Origin which is a robinia wood multi play range. As additional added value Proludic also helped Knowsley set up an orienteering trail.

Since the official opening a month ago the Council has worked hard to promote the green gyms initiative to the community and have had a fantastic response. The local NHS group runs activity sessions regularly at the sites and some of the personal trainers are now also using the facilities with their clients.

A case study film has been produced regarding the project and its journey and is available upon request



Jubilee Park Knowsley 30.6.16