Wallbarn’s ‘one system’ approach to paved or decked spaces

A well-designed, specified and installed paving or decking area can form the crowning glory of an outdoor space. But what lies beneath these beautifully designed areas – and the finish selected to complete them – has the potential to make or break a new-build or retrofit project, as Julian Thurbin, of specialist pedestal manufacturer Wallbarn, outlines.

Many paved, tiled or decked outdoor spaces are supported by a hidden substructure system of pedestals/rails which must, to ensure the safety of users, be robust enough to withstand loads placed upon them. This is especially important if designers expect heavy traffic and/or place planters, art or heavy furniture on the suspended surface. Substructures must also offer flexibility to deal with deck falls, interruptions in the deck surface or different surface finishes such as paving or decking.

High performance substructure and paving/decking systems are key to the successful completion of hard landscaping projects, especially those accessible to the public. We’ve been supplying both elements for more than 40 years and know the importance of achieving the desired aesthetics of a paved or decked space supported by a secure and long-lasting substructure designed specifically for each project. Safety and performance are our top priorities and we’ve invested in developing a portfolio of pedestals, rails and finishes suitable for almost any installation, including those requiring Class A1 fire rating for at-height installations.


Pedestals are used to support paving or decking at street level or on roof terraces/balconies. Wallbarn has a wide variety of systems to suit almost every application, from entry level fixed-height solutions to self-levelling, adjustable and heavyweight pedestals. All provide a ‘floating floor’ with uniform, flat surfaces which separate paving/decking from the base structure, improving drainage, protecting the surface beneath and avoiding the need for sand and cement.

For many specifiers and end clients a huge benefit of using pedestals is quick installation, the ability to cope with complex shapes/pitches and ease of maintenance – flooring elements such as slabs and decking can easily be removed for inspection or repair and services can be run in the space beneath.

Selecting the correct system for a project depends upon its needs, complexity, weight of the paving etc. Wallbarn’s technical experts have years of experience and can assist with the design and specification process to ensure a fit-for-purpose installation that is technically suitable, safe, long-lasting and cost-effective.


Wallbarn has a range of paving and decking to suit most installations, including sustainable and ultra-hardwearing bamboo decking; Exadeck extruded and rectified (so dead straight and flat) porcelain decking that is anti-slip, remains cool to the touch, is perfect for exteriors and delivers a beautiful and cost-effective finish; a WPC commercial-grade composite decking that is scratch-resistant; cement fibre and aluminium.


Suspended pedestal systems are a quick and cost-effective method of providing an efficient and low-maintenance support solution for any size of paving and decking. Wallbarn offers market-leading complete solutions – full substructure systems and compatible paving and decking finishes, clients can benefit from one supplier, one point of contact and one overall warranty.