Vitax nurture a blooming Britain

Vitax nurture a blooming Britain

Borders and baskets across Britain are bursting into bloom as towns across the country compete for top honours in regional and national competitions this summer.
Helping them in their quest is Vitax, who supply Q4 and Vitafeed fertilisers to nurture bright, eyecatching displays in parks, gardens, streetside borders and hanging baskets.
Vitax manufacture and supply a spread of quality products for landscape and sports contractors, designers and gardeners and professional growers. The range includes specially formulated fertilisers, water management products and specialist treatments.
Its plant nutrition products span general and organic fertilisers, including the Q4 range, a firm favourite for more than three generations.
Traditional Q4 Universal Compost all-purpose growing medium can be applied year-round, with peat grade 0-10mm 70% and 0-15mm 30%. Added lime raises pH and Vitax Q4 fertiliser, 3.5kg/m³, supplies the growing power.

Q4 for action

Vitax Q4, (5.3-7.5-10 +3 MgO + TE, applied at 3.5 kg/m³) available as pellets in 20kg bags, is the UK’s premier extended release, general-purpose fertiliser. Originally developed as a base fertiliser in John Innes composts, and still approved for use in JI formulations, Q4 has proved an extremely versatile fertiliser for applying to a wide variety of crops.
It provides all the nutrients and trace elements essential for vigorous growth, abundant flowering and ripening of fruit.
An ideal top dressing for ornamentals, Q4 is suitable for applying to loam-based and soil-less composts.
Champion chrysanthemum grower John Peace stands by Q4 to cultivate top blooms, while he also specifies Vitax fertilisers across his parish council borders and plantings.

Q4 HN’s in it for the longer-term

Vitax Q4 HN meanwhile is a high nitrogen, extended release formulation available as pellets in 25kg bags that is just the ticket for all containerised nursery stock and field-grown tree and shrub stock, being applied as a base and top dressing.
Used in tree and shrub planting, Q4HN provides prime quality overall growth rather than merely the spectacular leader growth some fertilisers promote.
Nutrients are released in phases over a 10-14 week period depending on soil conditions, while the extra iron in the formulation particularly benefits to ericaceous plants – the organic content raising humus and bacterial levels in growing media.

Q4 Top for containers

Slow release fertiliser Q4 Top, available in 25kg bags, is designed for top-dressing container-grown trees and shrubs.Mini granules aid application and good spread and will feed for up to three months, delivering all major and minor nutrients needed for steady, healthy growth without promoting excessive soft shooting.
Its organic content promotes growth of beneficial organisms in growing media and improves root health.

Tailor Vitafeed formulations to water type

This comprehensive range of water soluble fertilisers is ideal for the fertigation and liquid feeding of all crops – the formulation taking account of water types to ensure maximum uptake of nutrients by plants.Standard formulations are suitable for soft to moderately hard water areas, while acid formulations contain generous levels of magnesium and trace elements including boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.Landscape contractors like Vitafeed 412 (28-6-13 +TE), a high nitrogen feed suitable for bedding plants, foliage pot plants and summer feeding of nursery stock. The formulation encourages growth, rooting, budding and flowering – the trace elements giving plants every opportunity to thrive.Vitafeed comes in 20kg bags or an 8 x 1kg multipack, ideal for use with water bowsers, to deliver a controlled feed when irrigating baskets and beds.

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