VetroMount: Modern, all-glass balustrades

In architecture and modern building design, glass has a timeless appearance. VetroMount, an easy to install all-glass balustrade system, can be used both internally and externally so as not to obstruct views and to add kerb appeal to a building’s appearance. Its clever but simple installation ensures clean, clear lines and a touch of elegance.

Residential glass balustrades for a range of property types are becoming more popular. The VetroMount system from Bohle offers an elegant option for designers and architects, yet its real value is in the installation which is both simple and cost-effective. It was developed specifically in response to growing demand for easy-fit balustrade installations without any compromise on design and aesthetics. It comes in different finishes which means it is entirely suited to different external facades and interior style, and has been used in a range of homes including high-end seaside holiday homes. It can even be retrofitted, which means home-owners can add to the look of their property for very little expense, and it can be used internally as well for clean, unobtrusive staircases.