Turning ideas into reality in metal

A precision engineering firm working with landscaping and garden design professionals worldwide, Outdoor Design has the cutting-edge design and fabrication skills to create and install any garden feature you can imagine. Working in steel, copper, bronze and other metals, the company specialises in bespoke steel planters, as well as structural and decorative features of all types and sizes.

Established in 2001, Outdoor Design specialises in designing and making metal planters, sculptures, landscaping features and other architectural installations. From its base in West Sussex, the company works with many of the UK’s leading developers, landscape architects and interior designers on residential and commercial projects across Britain. It also has longstanding relationships with several major construction companies.

Every Outdoor Design product, whether it’s a simple planter or highly complex one-off installation, is designed and built from scratch, and entirely in-house. The process begins with taking the client’s design, which can be a simple sketch of full set of drawings, and producing a 3D CGI model using the latest CAD technology. This is essential in identifying and addressing any potential engineering and fabrication problems before submitting the final design for client approval.

Outdoor Design undertakes projects in a wide range of materials, including steel, copper and bronze, and at all scales. Recent examples include an urban planter in mild steel for a central London location, measuring 2.5 x 2.5 metres and weighing over three tonnes.

As a precision engineering firm, Outdoor Design has particular expertise in solving intricate fabrication and installation challenges, including unusual shapes, profiles and finishes, locations with restricted access, and combining metal with other materials. For example, at Merchant Square – a large mixed-use development in west London – the company created a complex curved planter scheme in galvanised steel with a bronze-effect finish, with fully integrated hardwood seating and tables.

And at The Hub, a Listed Building in Farnborough, it designed and manufactured a massive free-standing steel pergola, 7.6m (25 feet) long, 3.5m (11 feet) wide and 2.7m (9 feet) high. This was supplied in sectional form, allowing assembly on-site, where it was completed with timber cross-sections by a third-party supplier.

Everyone in the Outdoor Design team shares a confidence rooted in specialist knowledge, technical skill, and a genuine desire to do consistently brilliant, beautiful work, whatever the project. From the small and delicate to the massive and monolithic, every project is precisely engineered, aesthetically pleasing and completely fit for purpose.

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