Trees in Giant Flowerpots green the centre of Dijon

The classic ‘Place Darcy’ in Dijon, France, has undergone a major refurbishment. The Giant Flowerpots from the Streetlife Collection have been placed above the new underground parking garage, half submerged in the square’s paving. These large flowerpots have been manufactured using the new and extremely durable material: bio composite with natural fibres.

French landscape architect, Alfred Peter, is responsible for the innovative design. The classic square has been given a green layer, which is pleasing to the eye. An arboretum of 55 different trees in a geometric pattern has been created, the shade of which offers a pleasant retreat on hot days. The rims of the pots are designed by Streetlife so as to form circular benches around the trees, offering the opportunity to sit down. The square’s urban dynamic has improved and is appealing. Even at the tram stops, the potted trees serve as furniture on which to sit and wait. The special Treetec® system, combined with the generous amount of substrate the tree tubs offer (3.5 m3), will allow the trees to fully develop in the urban climate. ‘Place Darcy’ has been redesigned as part of the largest Tramway project in France.

Natural Fibres

For several years now, the Giant Flowerpots, with a maximum diameter of 240 cm, have been a striking feature within the Streetlife Collection.  In the 2014-2015 Collection, the tree tubs were expanded with a version in bio composite with natural fibres, in addition to steel and plastic. The material is a durable bio composite reinforced with hemp and fibreglass. Characteristic of its appearance is the visible surface structure of the natural fibres, which is both attractive and ideal for public spaces, as slight damage and grime are less noticeable. The pots are available in two natural colours. In Dijon the warm burgundy colour has been used.

Treetec® treecare system

Streetlife has years of experience with the Treetec® systems, which are optional applied in Streetlife’s professional tree tubs. The system ensures adequate insulation, oxygen circulation, root ball fixing, irrigation and excess water drainage, providing the best care for the tree. The simple Treetec® Basic system has been applied in Dijon, in conjunction with an automatic watering system.


Streetlife offers a high-quality collection of street furniture, tree products, bridges and decking materials for landscape architects. The company, which was founded by designer Peter Krouwel, has its headquarters in the Netherlands, but also operates from Studio Scandinavia, Middle East and Streetlife Studio America. Streetlife’s in-house design and engineering team supplies durable building blocks for rural and urban design plans. Projects have been carried out in Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and America.

Streetlife stands for quality and innovation in public spaces. With landscape as its central focus, it operates on the design principles of ‘sustainability’ and ‘longevity’.


The complete 2014-2015 Collection can be found online ( and is also captured in the publication titled ‘Streetlife Collection 2014-2015’.