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Since 1975 Bradshaw has been manufacturing and supplying electric vehicles for a number of applications including landscaping and development projects, as well as aviation, manufacturing and public sector.

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Most people will have used or seen a Bradshaw Electric Vehicle in action, whether carrying passengers or transporting baggage around major UK airports, moving people and supplies at the British Grand Prix or Wimbledon Tennis Championship, however, very few people will realise that they are manufactured or supplied by a family-owned business in Stibbington, just outside Peterborough.

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles is Britain’s largest manufacturer of industrial electric vehicles, providing specialist electric material handling equipment to a broad spectrum of household name companies for a variety of applications.

If you’re not looking to purchase a vehicle, Bradshaw also offer rental options.


Product Range

The product range includes tow tractors, load carriers, personnel carriers, pedestrian controlled vehicles and trailers, as well a range of road vehicles, fully N1 homologated for public road circulation.  The range of road vehicles offers 10 standard options, ranging from van body vehicles, high tip or cage body options, and a shuttle bus for people transportation.

With a maximum road speed of 25mph, an operational range of up to 50 miles and a payload up to 900kg, the many body options available for these electric road vehicles cover a multitude of inner city applications.

Each model has a safe and comfortable cabin with ABS thermoformed shell and excellent visibility. Pick-up configurations are available in long and short wheelbase and all models can be left or right hand drive.

With over 40 years’ experience, Bradshaw can offer you expert advice to ensure the right vehicle fits your requirement.

As well as a wide range of standard electric vehicles, Bradshaw specialises in design and build of bespoke electric vehicles to meet specific requirements that customers have.

This may be modifications to our existing product range, from the simple alteration to a tow hitch, through to complete chassis redesign.  Our team has vast experience of designing vehicles for a range of applications, with the ability to design and manufacture to meet the specific build criteria even for specialist applications such as those within MOD, nuclear industry and confined areas.


Club Car Utility Vehicles

Since 2001 Bradshaw has been a dealer for Club Car, and is now the largest UK dealer, supplying a range of golf and utility vehicles, ideal for landscaping purposes.

Club Car’s VersAttach bed system, makes landscaping duties easier, designed with accessories in mind.  The portfolio of accessories includes the configurable and removable track-based bed attachment system for carrying tools and equipment. Whether you’re carrying rakes, trimmers, water coolers, leaf blowers, ladders, or cargo; we’ve got the holders and bed-dividers you need to get the job done.

Vehicles in the range include:


Carryall 100

This economical utility vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for security details in congested areas such as parking garages, and its large tires and high ground clearance help in climbing curbs and traversing rough terrain.

The Carryall 100 provides plenty of power to get you and your equipment to the job site, features such as the tilting cargo bed with 136kg capacity make it easy to get the work done.


Carryall 550

Manoeuvre over the most difficult terrain with the Carryall 550, featuring 6.4 inches of ground clearance (the most in its class), a sturdy differential guard and rough terrain tires to resist nails and other sharp objects.

Its rugged, aircraft grade aluminium frame, chassis and cargo box provide a steady ride powered by a 48-volt electric powertrain. An optimal turning radius lets you navigate in the tightest spaces, making this the perfect vehicle for construction sites, industrial locations and other formidable work tasks.


Carryall 700

From ambulance applications to serious work truck setups, the Carryall 700 can be configured to meet your distinctive needs. With more cargo space and load capacity than any other Carryall product, it takes your hauling capabilities to another level, carrying up to 680kg.

At nearly six feet long, the Carryall 700 can be equipped with a cab, custom van box and other options to make it an economical alternative to a full-sized van or pickup truck. Schools and municipalities use it as a medical services vehicle; it’s ideal for carrying two trainers and their gear into tight spaces.


Carryall 1500

If you need a heavy-duty yet turf-friendly vehicle, the Carryall 1500 with two-wheel drive offers the perfect solution. The large 544kg capacity and rustproof aluminium cargo box handles the largest maintenance jobs.

The Carryall 1500 rides on special tires designed to minimize impact on turf and other improved surfaces. The rear-wheel drive train, coil-over shocks and a top speed of 19 mph from the Kawasaki 675cc twin-cylinder engine also help you tread lightly over those areas you want to protect.

The Carryall 1500 2-Wheel Drive (2WD) treads lightly on turf and improved surfaces.


How are we different?

With over 40 years’ experience to call upon, there is always a solution that Bradshaw can provide to move materials from one place to another.

The whole company ethos is that a complete package is offered to ensure the customer is always happy.  A vehicle isn’t just sold, each requirement is treated as individual and our sales team will first assess that requirement and provide a solution that is best suited.  Whether buying or renting our vehicles, Bradshaw offer a reliable service and treat customers the same, whether they are taking 1 or 50 vehicles.

The service Bradshaw offer doesn’t just end once a vehicle leaves the factory, the aftercare and support teams work with the customer to ensure the most is gained from their vehicle.  A dedicated support team is there to answer all aftersales queries and all members of the team have many years’ experience with our products and have been trained on them as well.

Contact Details:

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