Transforming The Peninsula

In the heart of London, the Greenwich Peninsula regeneration project is an ambitions initiative aiming to revitalize a sprawling 79-hectare derelict post-industrial site into a vibrant urban community accommodating 35,000 residents. With an estimated value of £8.4 billion, this project marked the largest urban regeneration effort in Europe.

Woodscape, a leading provider of bespoke street furniture solutions, were Initially contracted to supply Jet Planters and Litter Bins across the site, however, as the project evolved, their involvement expanded. Recognising their expertise in crafting bespoke street furniture, the project stakeholders entrusted Woodscape to provide tailored solutions, including bespoke seating in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, harmonizing with the site’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

Woodscape’s role extended beyond mere product provision. They actively engaged in developing designs, assisting with material selection, and maximising the efficient use of the chosen materials. Their proven track record in managing large-scale, complex projects distinguished them as an ideal supplier, capable of delivering exceptional results while adhering to bespoke specifications.

One differentiator which sets Woodscape apart is their ability to bring complex designs to life through the use of advanced 5-axis CNC machines. This cutting-edge technology empowered them to fabricate intricate timber components efficiently, expediting the production process without compromising on quality. This capability was instrumental in realizing complex design elements within the project’s timeline and budget constraints.

The Greenwich Peninsula regeneration project boasts several remarkable features which showcase Woodscape’s contributions. The Tide, London’s first ever elevated linear park, spans over 1km (with plans for expansion to 5km), exemplifies the project’s scale and innovation. Additionally, the inclusion of OPO by BeBox, an immersive meditation space inspired by the natural surroundings, underscores the project’s commitment to fostering community well-being amidst urban development.

Woodscape’s participation in the Greenwich Peninsula regeneration project demonstrates their commitment to excellence in urban streetscape design. Through collaborative engagement, technological innovation, and meticulous craftsmanship, Woodscape played a pivotal role in transforming a neglected industrial site into a thriving urban enclave, setting a new standard for sustainable, community-centric development in Europe.

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