Torc Pots

Torc makes everything by hand from their studio in the British Isles creating beautiful pots and planters to enhance any outdoor (or indoor) space.

Working alongside a talented team of artisans this family run business really specialize in textures, scale and particularly bespoke design.

The design side of the business is getting busier all the time with landscape architects and garden designers alike realizing just how much expertise this company has to offer with a wealth of experience in design and problem solving to bring to the table.  Torc welcome the opportunity to be involved at the design stage and are happy to contribute ideas when requested.

Frequently being commissioned to provide planter designs and outdoor furniture as a one-off template for both commercial and residential spaces.

Launching their new contemporary shaped water bowl this month was a good example of how far they can go – the diameter of this bowl can be offered up to 3m wide.   Their green credentials are pretty impressive too.