Top Tips To Keep Your Composite Decking Project On A Budget

When looking to embark on a garden renovation, it’s a great idea to build decking, to help level any awkward, tiered ground, and modernise the entire space. Composite decking is an incredibly popular choice due to its long lasting, low maintenance qualities, whilst still looking and feeling like real wood. In this article, we’re exploring our top tips to keep your composite decking project on budget, so you can enjoy your garden space for less. Let’s take a look.

  1. Composite decking: What’s on the market?

There are plenty of composite decking products available on today’s market, all at different price points, so it is important to thoroughly investigate what is right for your space. We believe the smart money is NeoTimber’s range of composite decking for the impressive quality of the material, and its price range. With a broad variety of different profiles, colours, and textures, there is a NeoTimber decking solution for every kind of outdoor space.

NeoTimber offer both solid and hollow decking boards, with the hollow boards being less expensive – ideal for a project on a budget. Hollow boards are perfect for most garden projects, while solid decking boards offer additional strength for decking areas that might be supporting something, particularly heavy, like a hot tub. NeoTimber’s composite decking comes with up to 25-years warranty for residential use, so it less likely to need expensive replacements further down the line.

  1. Explore subframe alternatives

Though we would usually recommend using a composite subframe for sheer longevity, you can choose to install our composite decking on top of a timber frame to help cut costs. To make sure it withstands the tests of time, make sure to specify pressure-treated timber so that the frame doesn’t rot.

Alternatively, you can apply our joist tape on top of the timber, to give it additional protection. To support the structure of the decking frame, you can also buy plastic lumber, which still works perfectly in conjunction with a timber subframe alternative.

  1. Keep it simple and keep costs down

There are many different laying patterns that you can use with your decking boards, but sometimes, to be more cost effective, the simplest way is better. Though diagonal runs and curved edges can look incredibly smart, a more standardised, linear decking installation will mean you are less likely to need to cut down your boards down to size, limiting the amount of wastage.

If your heart is set on a more interesting decking pattern design, make sure to keep any off cuts – these can make great fascia boards or decking edges. We recommend doing your homework prior to purchasing to work out exactly what you need. NeoTimber even have a handy calculator on their website, to help you to work out an estimate of your requirements.

  1. Do it yourself!

NeoTimber has an approved installer scheme, with a list of builders and tradesmen trusted with the specifics of laying composite decking. However, if you want keep to the your budget, you can build the decking yourself, and save on those additional installation costs.

Not sure on where to start? Don’t worry; all of NeoTimber’s decking is designed to be an intuitive, easy to build system, with simple installation instructions, practical advice, and step-by-step videos available on the website.

To conclude, there are plenty of ways to keep your composite decking project on budget. By choosing affordable, hollow boards, installing the products yourself (it’s easier than you think), and laying them in a linear pattern to reduce wastage, there’s no reason why you can’t have a high-quality, long-lasting, great looking decking area on a tight budget.