Tomasz maker

My work focuses on applying the decorative art of marbling to our everyday objects and homes. The art of marbling has been well used on paper and fabric in the past and to this present day, but with few bringing onto timber in a commercial way. By bringing marbling onto timber I aim to bring the colours and patterns unique to marbling to a wider variety of objects and surfaces.

The patterns can be printed onto almost any timber surface, ranging from individual planks or boards, to fully assembled furniture.

Marbled patterns and designs can be large and bold or small and delicate, they can be a cacophony of colours or confined to the shades of a single colour. The extensive choice of colours and patterns allows for a great deal of freedom and individuality, allowing people to choose a design that best fits their home, an individual room, a colour theme or their own personal tastes.

Each print is unique, no two prints will be exactly the same, they may be similar but the nature of the process means there is a randomness to every print. This means each print will have its own unique details with which to get lost in. This randomness also allows for pieces with similar patterns and colours to blend into one another when placed next to each other, allowing a large area to be covered with a continuous pattern with relative ease.

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