Timberplay go green with more Eco-friendly option.

Timberplay have taken the pioneering step of promoting untreated Mountain Larch as their standard offer across their range of play equipment.Customers will still have the option of using cheaper chemically impregnated timbers but Mountain Larch with steel footings will now be the default offer as long term studies have concluded this option performs just as well, if not better than the alternative and is better for the environment.

In recent years, there have been many developments in the manufacturing of wooden play equipment and changes to the regulations surrounding the use of chemicals. Paul Collings, Managing Director at Timberplay comments on the motivation behind this change:-

“Timberplay was established in 2000, and the last 14 years have afforded us the opportunity to observe how well our wood performs in the environment. The results have surprised us, we have concluded that the untreated Mountain Larch actually performs as well if not better than chemically impregnated timber.“ The mountain larch gains its rot resistance through the slow growth of the trees in the mountains, making the timber very dense and difficult for fungi to eat, whereas the fungicidal chemicals that are used as preservatives on pines and firs are effectively poisons that are subsequently leeched into the environment. Increasingly tough European environmental regulations are also gradually reducing the effectiveness of such chemical impregnation.

We’ve always tried to promote the mountain larch option in the past, by giving it as an option but customers have rarely taken it up. Now it will become our standard offer and so we expect a much greater take up.

Timberplay are the UK supplier of play equipment from Richter Spielgeräte..

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