TIBBO By Dedon

If you’re looking for furniture with superior comfort that is distinctive, elegant and pure then let us introduce you to TIBBO…

TIBBO has quickly become one of our favourite and most popular products here at Leisure Plan. The meticulous craftsmanship and remarkable lightness in a design are what gives TIBBO it’s unique and luxurious look and feel.

The collection consists of a dining chair, four sizes of dining table, two sizes of bench, a lounge chair, sofa, sun lounge, coffee table and side table. Each of the pieces is handcrafted from sustainable, slow-growth teak, chosen for its weather resistance and durability, which is perfectly suited for these unpredictable and ever changing conditions here in the UK.

Renowned British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created TIBBO for an era in which indoor and outdoor living spaces are merging. Their initial inspiration for TIBBO came from the wood itself. “The beauty of turned wooden has a tactile quality like no other material,” they remark. “Because of the oily nature of teak, the wood feels especially soft, and so we decided to create furniture that would accentuate these properties. ”While most outdoor teak furniture looks, in their words, “very rectangular and uncomfortable,” every element of TIBBO was designed to be “as soft and tactile as possible.”

For more information on TIBBO or any other products from the Leisure Plan collection please contact sales@leisureplan.co.uk or call us on 01279 816001