The Plant & Go® Landscaper Vehicle from Advanced KFS Special

The Plant & Go® Landscaper Vehicle from Advanced KFS Special Vehicles Sets the Standard in Low Floor Grounds Maintenance Vehicle Conversions


For decades, AKFS has remained the epitome of excellence in commercial vehicle design, construction, and innovation. As pioneers in the field, we have continuously pushed the boundaries to offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to diverse industries and sectors.


At the heart of our distinguished portfolio lies the Plant & Go® Landscaper vehicle – a true testament to AKFS’s dedication to innovation and functionality. This groundbreaking vehicle is meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of Grounds Maintenance teams with unparalleled efficiency.


Utilising the Fiat Ducato, and Peugeot Boxer Back to Back cabs, and the cutting-edge low floor chassis conversion of AKFS strategic partner Al-Ko Vehicle Technology Group, our Plant & Go® Landscaper conversion establishes a benchmark for reliability and performance. At the core of the Plant & Go® Landscaper model lies a low floor design and a very generous payload capacity of circa 1430kg at 3500kg GVW, and 2330kg at 4500kg GVW.


Designed for maximum convenience and flexibility, the Plant & Go Landscaper vehicle features a width of 1810mm between the rear wheel arches, and comfortably accommodates most large ride-on mowers including cutting deck; supplemented by ample storage for tools and additional equipment. Crafted with the user’s needs at the forefront of consideration, our low floor design facilitates easy loading and unloading, transforming how grounds maintenance tasks are executed.


We don’t just stop at vehicle design; operator safety remains our top concern too – the Plant & Go® Landscaper vehicle features a low working height of just 530mm and includes an assisted tailgate as a standard feature, ensuring that getting on and off the vehicle is both effortless and safe.


Our Plant & Go® Landscaper vehicle is fully customisable at the time of order, and offers a truly bespoke build based upon the end users exact requirements and commitments ensuring a vehicle fit for purpose and ready to work. Optional extras include winch systems, both floor mounted and raised tool storage lockers, LED work lights, and 360-degree amber strobes for complete street level visibility.


Contact our dedicated Grounds Maintenance Product Specialists today on 01246 250022 to learn more about our innovative range of Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping vehicles.