The multifunctional eBlocq bench has won a prestigious environmental award

Our Blocq bench – veni, vidi, vici. It has become increasingly popular in architecture projects around the world, and we are delighted that its success has now carried over into the world of professional awards. The first of those is a 2021 Green Product Award, an international prize given for new eco-friendly products. The theme of this year’s awards was the future of cities, and that is exemplified by the multifunctional eBlocq bench, by designer David Karásek. Charging, storage, and good old-fashioned seating are the three main benefits of the six lockable boxes integrated into a single park bench. This is no unsightly cupboard, it’s a seating element with expanded functionality. eBlocq embodies the smart cities concept thanks to its sleek form and intelligent design.

Charging your phone, laptop or e-bike is something we all need to do in the city from time to time, as is storing your backpack or shoes when you go out skating or playing sport. In schools, sports facilities and hotels, and in restaurants near cycleways too, eBlocq can become an integral part of local infrastructure supporting healthy movement and e-mobility. And whenever and wherever you use it, it can always serve as a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bench.

Our outlook on modern life in public spaces was also shared by the judges of the German Design Award. The tenth anniversary edition of their awards was based around the question of “How designers think”, and we really appreciate the award we received there.

We’re also crossing our fingers for one of this year’s new mmcité products, the Lago bench which plays with open circles. The nomination for a Czech Grand Design award reinforces our belief that even a product for all users, and all weather, should still be beautiful and well thought out.