The firepit company

An evening gathered around a fire pit is the perfect end to an idyllic summer’s day, something that The FirePit Company has turned into an art form.

Specialising in British-made steel fire pits, the company offers a selection of firepit spheres, bowls and water features in various sizes, each with a stunning design that can fit into a variety of gardens. Customers can also commission a custom piece by The Firepit Company if they have a particular theme or would like a special person, pet or date added.

If choosing a firepit customers can also opt for a classic wood-burning piece or the company’s new eco-friendly fuel, which is not only smokeless, but also very easy to light, snuff out and relight for up to 8 hours of burn time. Each piece is hand-drawn and hand-finished, making them sculptures that look beautiful during the day but also create a unique gathering spot for family and friends.

Additionally, the company introduced its MiniBlaze range of steel tabletop fire pits and also provides a range of benches, stools, firepit tables and beacons to enhance garden aesthetics.

Explore the range on offer or inquire about custom designs.