SUDwell™ Eco Resin Bound Paving Slabs

SUDwell™ patented Eco Resin Bound Permeable paving slabs are our fantastic SUDs compliant paving slabs that are lighter and more carbon neutral than conventional concrete paving slabs.

Our Eco-Friendly Resin Bound Permeable Paving Slabs make a better alternative to non-porous concrete slabs and offer a greener approach (being manufactured from recycled materials, such as hard plastics, PVC, rubbers, and recycled glass) for hard-landscaping projects (such as patios and pathways).
Due to the permeable nature of our resin bound permeable paving slabs water easily flows through the surface preventing any build-up of surface water.

Customers value design as much as efficacy and a green approach to todays paving as well as helping the environment.

They are ideal for use in patios and pathway paving, decking, Green and Blue roof applications including podiums.  Offering a more presentable finish than traditional concrete slabs.

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