The Alma Estate in the London Borough of Enfield is a 6.08 hectare renovated residential area adjacent to Ponders End railway station. The difficulty was in developing four residential towers on a limited site with multiple private land owners.

The new station square forms a gateway to the estate from the railway line. For a cohesive community a gym, a medical center, a community and youth center have been built for the residents.

The qualitative preliminary discussions with the residents who will return after the renovation, among other things, increased the connectivity of the public domain. The area was designed and created in collaboration with the residents, where the ideas were converted into concrete plans.

Streetlife has supplied a combination of Rough&Ready Benches and Tree Isles for this central public domain. Elongated Tree Isles with seating edges make the square greener and social in a pleasant way. Through unity in colour and use of materials, the result is an esthetically coherent whole with a timeless appearance.

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