See the full Groundsman range at SALTEX demonstration stand B55

If you are involved in Hire, Landscaping or Sports Turf Renovation then you will most likely at some stage have a requirement for a good Turf Cutter. If you get an opportunity to use a Groundsman machine, it will only take a few minutes to realise that this Turf Cutter is more than a few steps ahead of any other.

Groundsman Industries are a N. Ireland based company established in 1990 to manufacture the Groundsman range of patented Elliptical Plunge Action pedestrian and tractor mounting Turf Aerator machines. Over the past twenty years these machines became known and respected, particularly by sports clubs and turf maintenance contractors having earned the reputation for performance and durability.

In 2002 Groundsman embarked on a research and development project to produce a range of Turf Cutters to complement their Turf Aerator range. Over the past ten years this product has evolved into the Turf Multi Cutter (TMC) range that Groundsman produce today. These machines have effortless cutting ability offering the highest traction and lowest operator hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels on the market and the good news is, the TMC26 model has been developed particularly for the Landscaping and Hire markets. Hire shops who have invested in a Groundsman comment that the machine works three times better, lasts three times longer and customers will drive three times further to get it, money well spent!

The Groundsman TMC range have unique patented technologies that enable them not only to work with less effort to cut turf down to 7cm (3”) thick and from 30cm (12”) widths up to 60cm (24”) widths but also to perform a variety of functions as well as regular sod cutting. A range of blades are available which include a Sub-soil De-compactor and a Mole-drain working to a depths down to 13cm (5”)   The latest innovation is a simple attachment to insert cable down to 7cm (3”) below the surface for low voltage lighting or sub-surface signal cable for robotic grass mowing. The TMC range include the 6.5HP two wheel drive TMC26 which is compact portable machine ideal for landscapers, contractors and hire shops. The four wheel drive machines which are more suitable for Sports Clubs or Turf Farms. A Guillotine attachment can be fitted to measure and chop the Turf Sod into lengths for rolling and relaying. A 13HP unit has been developed specifically to insert sub-soil dripper-line irrigation pipe down to 13cm 5” below the surface.

First and foremost, the Groundsman TMC range is designed to cut sod, this they do extremely well. Why not drop by our hospitality tent on stand B55 at SALTEX where you can relax with a refreshment and run Groundsman two and four wheel drive Turf Multi Cutters on our demonstration plot, then you decide.

For more information including short videos of the machines working visit   Videos can also be viewed on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube emblem on the site.

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