Sparkle Lighting

“With Spring now finally here, our attention is drawn to our outside spaces as we hope to make them look and feel more inviting. Winter can leave the garden looking somewhat unloved but with just a little TLC, you can soon have it looking like a place to kick back as hazy summer days roll into warm balmy nights. With longer days beckoning us to bask in our gardens, soon weekends will be adorned with festivities from dawn to dusk! Garden lighting can elevate the look and ambiance of your outdoor space, and when it comes to illuminating your haven, Sparkle Lighting reigns supreme. Their ethereal outdoor lighting collection ensures that your abode is draped in a romantic aura, beckoning you to revel in the warm embrace of natures wonder.

We have curated a list of our top 5 ways to use lighting in different areas of your outside space. From pergolas to dining areas, flower beds to fences, and pathways to driveways, these lighting ideas will add a touch of sparkle and create a magical atmosphere in your garden.

  1. Light a pergola

With a little thought you can make this a stunning focal point by dressing with festoon lights, pergola fairy lights, solar lanterns and even outdoor hanging pendant lights.

  1. Illuminate your outdoor dining area.

Gone are the days of having just a Citronella candle burning on the table while you’re dining alfresco. The options for outdoor table lighting are endless and offer a fantastic way to enhance your patio lighting. Consider opting for a USB Rechargeable Table Lamp, offering both ambient lighting and flexibility. Once charged they provide 9 hours of delicate light and make the most delightful, modern & stylish garden table lights. If you prefer the romantic glow that a candle offers, then LED candles are an ideal choice for your outdoor dining setting.  LED candles, flicker like a real candle and give a sumptuous glow as if they’ve just been lit. They are also waterproof and come with a useful timer so you don’t even need to remember to turn them off once you have finished your evening outside.

  1. Delicately light a flower bed.

As the sun goes down, flower beds can fall into complete darkness and you lose the lovely colour that the garden offers during the day. Dotting solar powered fairy lights throughout your flower beds can bring the garden back to life at night and create a dramatic backdrop to enjoy your evening outside.

  1. Add a glow to your fence or wall.

Garden fences are the perfect place to hang outdoor lights to illuminate your garden. Festoon lights are a great option for outdoor fence lighting and can be strung along for a look reminiscent of holidays abroad. Have a climbing plant nearby? Intertwine Garden Ivy Lights, to make a beautiful feature.

  1. Light up a garden path.

Not only will this help elegantly guide you through the space but can also offer a lovely welcoming glow if you arrive home after dark. A simple string of festoon lights will beautifully guide you to your front door and make perfect pathway lights. Or for something more dramatic, line both sides of your drive with solar powered stake lights that can be easily put into the ground, and will add a magical touch to your outside space.

Carefully chosen garden lighting allows you to transform your outdoor space. Let your garden shine and become a haven of tranquillity, ready for evening hosting outside! Explore our wide range of outdoor lighting here : Outdoor Garden Lights (