Solispost – Intelligent Bollard Lighting

Attractive solar powered illuminated bollards for footpaths, cycle and drive ways. Easy and economical to install with no for cabling or trenching so need for resurfacing or making good.

Intelligent solar powered bollards

With the potential to revolutionise the way footpaths, cycle and drive ways are lit, solispost solar powered bollards are an attractive and economic alternative to conventional electric lighting.

Since each solispost bollard contains its own solar power generation panels, they are easy and economical to install just about anywhere including difficult locations where electrical connection is either too expensive or not practical:

  • No trenching or cabling required
  • No resurfacing or making good needed
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Guaranteed for two years with expected life of 10 years
  • Zero energy running costs
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Cuts light pollution
  • Fully tested and reliable in long northern winters and during periods of low sunshine levels
  • Each solispost gives a good light producing approx. 100 lumens

Solispost bollards are fully autonomous; once they detect that dusk has fallen, they continuously maintain a low level of illumination that indicates the path or driveway. When the on board sensor detects someone is approaching, the light level is automatically increased for 20 seconds and then reduces to the lower level over approximately 7 seconds. In this way a reassuring pool of light is provided as someone progresses passed the solispost bollards and along the path.

By generating only a low light level of illumination when no one is in the vicinity, the use of solispost bollards significantly cuts light pollution.

Solispost is the result of considerable investment in research and development to ensure it meets the performance and reliability requirements of commercial and public sector operators. Thorough testing has shown that Solispost bollards are capable of operating reliably during winter months even in high latitudes and during prolonged periods of low sunshine levels.

Solispost is vandal resistant, dust and weather proof (IP67).

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