SiteBlazer Barrows – Investment grade kit!

Wheelbarrows is a sore point with most contractors… But buy them Durable, and they will enhance your profits rather than consume them.

Everyone knows it: Ordinary barrows just aren’t up to the job. Buckled and torn in no time, and there goes another £40! SiteBlazer Barrows are different, built to withstand tortuous use. Their ingenious structural design provides unequalled strength and durability.

Landscapers and builders currently using £40 wheelbarrows can save 50-75% of their annual expenditure on barrows: All it takes is a switch to SiteBlazer, the amazing Construction barrow from Maingate. 

Stop the rot! Stop Buying Disposable! Start Buying Durable! SiteBlazer 450_IMG_3698 - 1024

The sun is out! That means it’s wheelbarrow season… and again, contractors find themselves wearing out and replacing barrows at a frightening rate!

You must despair as you nip down to the builders’ merchant to buy yet another one, knowing full well that this one, too, will be on a skip in a few weeks’ time… But what can you do?

Here’s what you can do to save money:

A fleet of SiteBlazer barrows can save its owner 50-75% of the running costs of traditional builder’s barrows that need replacing every 6-8 weeks. They simply last that much longer! Yes, the initial investment is higher, but also far more profitable as the replacement cycle is measured in years rather than weeks.

The Optimal Wheelbarrow

SiteBlazer barrows are built like no other wheelbarrows on earth: Braced and reinforced every which way, with chassis in oval steel tubing, fusion-welded bracing, and chunky 4-ply tyres (with inner tubes that can be replaced or repaired) fitted to steel-core wheels with heavy-duty bearings.


Pick up a SiteBlazer, and the £40 barrows that most contractors use look and feel like toys in comparison – but they’re expensive toys: A £40 barrow replaced every six weeks is costing you £345 per year. A SiteBlazer barrow with a life span of two years (often longer) costs you £75-£80 per year, a saving of 75%.

SiteBlazer 750 paving - 1024

Made in Holland

We have had our SiteBlazers made in Holland for over 20 years simply because there are some things the Dutch do better than anyone. That goes for oil painting (as in Rembrandt and Vermeer), lager brewing (think Heineken and Grolsch) – and then there’s Wheelbarrows (yes, SiteBlazer!)

Heavy Duty Steel or High Density Polyethylene? Your choice!

Eight out of ten SiteBlazer users buy the yellow Polyethylene one. However, if you work in hot materials (or if you’re a diehard traditionalist), the 450 Steel model may suit you better. On top of all the bracing you can see there are a couple of hidden extras that you’ll come to appreciate as they add to the strength and longevity of the barrow: It has a double floor and front panel, and a heavy 10mm wire is welded onto the front lip of the barrow to prevent buckling and stretching

Where can I see the full product spec of SiteBlazer barrows?


Ergonomics – Health & Safety

The far superior ergonomic design (when compared with traditional navvy barrows) means that SiteBlazer barrows handle and tip much better. They cause less back strain and therefore fewer sick days and less long-term injury. They boost your productivity and make you a better employer. Your crew and their wives will welcome the improvement!

Sustainability – preserve our finite mineral resources

Companies switching to SiteBlazer not only improve their finances and protect the health of their employees. They’re also doing their bit for Sustainability: It takes four or five times as many resources to manufacture the 7-8 lightweight wheelbarrows they throw on the skip every year as it does to build the one SiteBlazer that will outlast them all.

Look the Part

Take a fresh look at the barrows in use on your current site: Beaten and battered, and blatantly not up to the job.

You can change all that! Switch to SiteBlazer barrows, and they will help your company to look the part: Polished and professional, and well-equipped to cope with anything the job calls for!

What makes SiteBlazer such exceptional value?

  • They’re bigger: 100-120 litres to most barrows’ 75-85 ltr
  • They roll better – because they come with real steel bearings
  • They handle better – because of a deep and narrow tray shape  (rather than the shallow and wide ones you are used to),
  • They tip better – because of a square tipping bar and a front lip that forms a virtual pouring spout as you up-end the barrow
  • Above all: They outlast other barrows simply because of their superb Engineering and Build Quality

Isn’t it time you stop wasting hard-earned cash on cheap wheelbarrows? Switch to SiteBlazer!

How do I get one to try?

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