SIS Pitches Artificial grass comes of age

The versatility of artificial grass is opening worldwide markets for a product now transforming the face of sport and leisure.

A world away from the 1980s’ early experiments with artificial grass, today’s high tech synthetic turf is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, yet offers unique advantages to draw in designers, architects, developers, groundsmen, landscapers, contractors and special events organisers.

At the cutting edge of this green revolution is innovative British firm Artificial Grass Ltd (AGL) from Maryport, Cumbria, which alongside its stadium sister company SIS Pitches, offer a unique one-stop, British manufactured solution.

The clattering looms produce a stunning wide range of 3G synthetic grass, which the company will also install and maintain – outdoors and indoors – a combination that has some of the biggest names in sports, urban planning, education and design across the globe queuing up for their service.

Whether for public leisure and sports, schools and colleges or urban landscaping schemes for large corporate headquarters, artificial grass is supremely versatile. Simple to install, tough, weather resistant and colour stable –  its qualities chime with a multitude of uses in all seasons.

SIS Pitches manufacture grass in the UK in a subtle array of shades, to create a wholly natural appearance to compliment landscaping and garden schemes of any size, shape and vision. In sport, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Celtic and Derby are converts to SIS advanced 3G synthetic pitches.

Top rugby is embracing the technology too – Saracens, Rosslyn Park and Newcastle Falcons have all invested in the 3G future SIS provide. The grass also comes in a dramatic range of vivid complimentary colours for touchlines, dugout areas and logo options. The company also supplies and installs floodlights, fencing, netting and can perform extensive groundworks.

Planners and sports giants alike are finding new revenue streams opening up as the flexibility of 3G turf offers uninterrupted use for concerts, festivals and other events that would wreck natural grass venues.

Sister company AGL has testimony from grateful mums who love watching their mud-free ‘Mini Messi’ tear around residential 3G lawns, which AGL will even design. The elderly, physically challenged, and those who just have busy schedules or steep gardens, are turning to the idea of hard-wearing, mow-free, year-round, stunning lawns.

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