Showcase your skills at this year’s National Landscape Awards

Entering the National Landscape Awards offers a host of benefits to landscape professionals and businesses. The prestigious Awards celebrates outstanding achievements in landscape design, installation, maintenance, and supplier and employer excellence, providing winners with unique opportunities for recognition, networking, and professional growth.

Participation elevates industry visibility and credibility whilst winning an Award demonstrates exceptional skill and innovation to peers and clients. This recognition significantly enhances a company’s reputation and attracts new business opportunities.

Moreover, the Awards foster industry connections and networking. Engaging with fellow winners, judges, sponsors, and attendees opens doors to valuable collaborations and partnerships. Networking within the landscape community can lead to shared knowledge, referrals, and future project collaborations.

The rigorous judging criteria pushes entrants to strive for excellence, leading to advancements in design, sustainability practices, and overall service quality. Constructive feedback from judges can also guide participants in refining their techniques and approaches.

For businesses, winning a National Landscape Award can have a tangible impact on their bottom line. Award-winning projects often command premium pricing and attract high-profile clients seeking superior quality and creativity. The accolades serve as powerful marketing tools, distinguishing the winners from competitors and helping to secure new contracts.

Furthermore, the Awards provide valuable opportunities for personal and team development. Celebrating achievements as a team fosters camaraderie and boosts morale. Recognition through Awards can motivate employees to continue pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks for excellence.

Participating in the National Landscape Awards contributes to broader industry advancement; by showcasing innovative designs and sustainable practices, Winners inspire others in the field to adopt similar approaches, ultimately raising the bar for the entire profession.

The benefits of entering the National Landscape Awards extend far beyond mere recognition. From enhancing professional reputations and fostering industry connections to driving innovation, participation in these Awards is a valuable investment for landscape professionals and businesses looking to distinguish themselves and make a lasting impact on the industry.

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Entry deadlines and costs

Accredited Contractor & Group/Accredited Designer Categories
Final Deadline: 3 June – £260.00 (Additional Entries: £235.00 per entry)
First Time Entrants Deadline: 3 June – £155.00 per entry

Supplier Exceptional Service/Employer Excellence Categories
Early Bird Discount Deadline: 3 June – £225.00 per entry (Additional Entries: £200.00 per entry)
Final Deadline: 5 July – £260.00 (Additional Entries: £235.00 per entry)
First Time Entrants Deadline: 5 July – £155.00 per entry

International Category
Early Bird Discount Deadline: 3 June – Fee £325.00 per entry (Additional Entries: £300.00 per entry)
Final Deadline: 5 July – Fee £360.00 per entry (Additional Entries: £335.00 per entry)
First Time Entrants Deadline: 5 July – £255.00 per entry