Creating Healthy Spaces with a Shade Zone Louver Blade Canopy

Shade Zone is one of the UK’s leading awning and canopy specialists. With the largest range of canopies and awnings in the UK from the world’s leading manufacturers, we have a solution to fit any property. We have added value and functionality to many properties for over a decade. Our customers continue to come back to us because they appreciate our high-quality systems and personal service.

Regardless of the weather, we like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The garden is no longer separate from the house; both form a single unit. This also makes us yearn for more atmosphere, comfort and optimal enjoyment while being outdoors. Being outside becomes living outside!
Our Louver blade canopy range includes the Skye, the Algarve and the Camargue. The blades on the roof rotate 150 degrees allowing the user to choose how much sun protection and ventilation is required. When closed the blades create a waterproof roof and with the integrated guttering system which drains the water from the blades into the support columns, which also act as drainage down pipes. The Camargue is the most popular due to its functionality and the ability to customise it to each client’s specification.
From drop down fixed screens, Loggia sliding panels, Glass sliding walls or a combination of all 3, The Camargue can create a totally enclosed environment and protect you from the elements. LED lights, heaters and speakers are amongst the other accessories that can be added to the Camargue.

Shade Zone will manage every project from design to installation and continue to look after our customers after their project is complete. We work closely with our design and architect partners – assisting in incorporating your innovative concept into your plans, onto your site and through to the completed project.

For more information please head to our website for our full range of canopies and awnings  E: T: 01482 481050

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