Ryno™ adjustable pedestals are designed to make decking and paving quick, clean and easy.

They are strong; tested to in excess of 2100kg of compression. And they are safe; guaranteed to last. For over 25 years we’ve been developing innovative products designed to make life easier. RynoDeck and RynoPave do exactly that.

Innovative products that change the way we work

Ryno support pedestal systems are specified by architects and designers because they are quicker to install, cleaner and more versatile than conventional methods. And they are guaranteed to last. They won’t rot, and their unique self-levelling head and impressive height range will overcome the most complex decking and paving issues.

We are lucky to live in a time of innovation, where, with the right materials and know-how, almost anything is possible. At Ryno, we embrace this spirit and work hard to develop innovative products that allow you to work with greater creativity and flexibility. RynoPave and RynoDeck are two such products. We’re so sure of their quality that they come with a 10-year guarantee.

Ideal for use in:

  • Gardens
  • Roof areas, terraces, balconies, greenroofs
  • Structural podiums
  • Communal/public areas
  • Walkways/wheelchair access ramps
  • Temporary paving/decking areas
  • Patio overlays/renovations
  • Composite decking projects
Creating a level surface on uneven ground couldn’t be easier. Ryno pedestals are compatible with conventional decking and uniform edged paving systems. This fast, efficient method also creates ready-made space for drainage, cables and pipes.
These lightweight pedestals are easy to adjust, and have a built-in self-levelling head that compensates for gradients of up to 10.5%.

Unlike conventional methods, Ryno pedestals give you the flexibility to expand or alter your paved or decked area at the drop of a hat. Manufactured from solid polypropylene, and with a broad, solid base, they have the highest compression tolerance of any pedestal in the world; withstanding in excess of 2100kg of compression.

Unlike conventional timber framework, Ryno pedestals will never rot. They also extend the lifespan of decking boards, by keeping them up off the ground.
By creating an evenly spread load on the surface below, both RynoDeck and RynoPave, ensure that membranes are well protected. RynoPave’s built-in perimeter spacers also protect membranes from the abrasive edges of slabs at wall abutments.


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