In 2001 Greenleaf pioneered the world’s first commercial soil cell for tree root establishment in urban areas. In 2008, the next generation soil cell, Stratacell, was launched – bringing a bigger cell, lower cost and faster installation times. These innovative soil structure system, offered an integrated, engineered approach to the needs of urban trees for non-compacted adequately sized root soil volumes.
Now, after two years of further intensive product development, GreenBlue Urban has produced another major advance in this challenging and fast developing aspect of the race to up-grade and enhance the greening of the urban environment.
The RootSpace soil panel system brilliantly reconciles the differing priorities of civil engineers and arboricultalists and even the beady eyes of quantity surveyors. Environmentalists are not forgotten, RootSpace systems are made from recycled material and formed into easily assembled interlocking panels. RootSpace guarantees optimum tree root soil environment combined with maximum, ‘utility friendly’ access, class leading strength and lateral stability.
Take a look at the drawings and pictures and spot the winning RootSpace features that make the urban designer’s hopes and dreams come true:

  • For arboricultalists – the ultimate in irrigation, aeration, SUDS and shed-loads of un-compacted root medium for optimum root development.
  • For civil engineers – class leading strength and unique lateral stability. Highway standards of load bearing structural frameworks.
  • For Utility companies – the first tree root soil support system with designed-in provision for retro access to sub-surface utility runs.
  • For Developers and contractors – easy, quick assembly and filling. Plus very competitive product cost and GreenBlue Urban site support.
  • For local authorities and planners – the welcome, positive and simple way to cut through lots of those things that appeared to thwart the realisation of good environmental proposals.

The technical design team at Greenleaf Horticulture has been at the forefront of urban tree welfare research for more than twenty years! Their CPD, on-site and design/planning support provides valuable insights into the challenges facing horticultural and architectural professionals. These insights assist the company in their relentless quest for innovative and cost effective solutions.
GreenBlue Urban Ltd is the re-branding of Greenleaf Horticulture to reflect the company’s broadened focus on the holistic treatment of urban space upgrading. WSUDS, water sensitive urban design solutions, will generate a renewed acceleration in urban environment expectations.