Rigg of Birmingham

For a London-based charity, Rigg of Birmingham manufactured a collection of outdoor planters for their newly-refurbished courtyard and garden.

Seating and a planted zone were combined into each unit.

It was a requirement of the project that the planters be portable, so strong 125mm diameter locking castors were installed. Rubber tyres were specified for smoother operation across the existing floor.

A welded steel subframe was accurately fabricated onto which the exterior shell and wheels were mounted.

Substantial iroko timber boards were prepared and then bolted onto the structure beneath, forming a slatted pattern. Removability was to help with future maintenance allowing individual boards to be replaced if necessary.

Rigg was able to complete production in-house thanks to extensive facilities for both woodworking and metalworking.

In addition to the project presented here Rigg makes many other products which have been used on numerous commercial and contract schemes.

Website: https://rigg.uk  (not www.rigg.co.uk)

Phone 0800 651 0001