Renson® Provides More Comfort And Maximum Enjoyment Of The Garden

Whatever the weather, people like to spend as much time as possible outside. Gardens are no longer separate from houses, together they are one. That’s why people long for more ambiance, comfort and optimum lifestyle pleasure. ‘Being outside’ becomes ‘living outside’.

Terrace coverings are the solution to create comfortable outside spaces ensuring a good atmosphere, warmth and cosiness and in the meantime giving shelter from nature’s elements. Available in all colours to suit the style of the house, we offer three installation methods: free-standing, wall mounted and incorporated in to an existing (roof) structure. Terrace coverings from RENSON® have been designed with a specific focus on contemporary design, quality and sustainability.

RENSON® Skye®: modular terrace covering with rotating and retractable aluminium blades

This new and most exclusive louvered roof of the RENSON® terrace coverings has a roof that consists of rotating and retractable aluminium blades, giving shelter against sun, rain and wind the whole year around. In summer the hot air will be ventilated by opening the blades.The retractable (sliding) roof blades can provide maximum solar gain in winter. If the Skye® is attached to a façade with windows, people will still be able to fully enjoy the sunlight entering the house if the blades are retracted.

The 145° rotatable aluminium roof blades are designed in such a way that the water is drained sideways towards the columns. The water drainage also operates when the blades are opened after a rain shower. All fixings, electric wiring and footings are invisibly integrated in this type of terrace covering. Integrated LED lights in the columns, roof blades or upper profiles and heating elements with flat panel speakers are possible to customise your Skye®.

In the closed position, the roof is completely flat with no clearance between the blades. These roof blades open and close in one fluid motion, with a guaranteed operation thanks to the durable and reliable rotating and sliding technique (tilt & stack). The Skye® is available with a span side up to 4000 mm and a pivot side up to 6200 mm and can be mounted in various ways: stand-alone (4 columns), fitted to an outside wall (2 columns) or built into an existing opening between two walls. Various options are available to customise one or more sides such as Loggia® sliding panels,  glass walls, integrated Fixscreen®, etc.

RENSON® Camargue® and Algarve®: innovative pergolas with a bladed roof system

RENSON® provides two alternative aluminium terrace coverings equipped with rotating aluminium blades in the roof: Camargue® and Algarve®. Both systems combine aluminium for the structure and blades. The blades can be set at any inclination from 0° to 150°. The rotatable aluminium blades provide shelter from the rain, sun protection and ensure the necessary cooling and ventilation. The blades of the aluminium terrace coverings are designed in such a way that the water is drained sideways towards the columns, ensuring that no water can get through the roof blades. A special translucent blade, called Lineo Luce® can be integrated in the roof, in combination with the existing aluminium blades. It has a maximum length of 4 m and brings more light into the home. A maximum of 5 Lineo Luce®-blades can be integrated in one terrace covering which is especially interesting when it’s fitted to an outside wall.

Clever design

RENSON® has also paid considerable attention to the finishing details. Fasteners and fixings are virtually invisible, all electrical wiring can be concealed, and even the footings can be out of sight. These terrace coverings can be equipped with LED-lights in the blades, columns and upper profiles, but also with heating elements and flat panel speakers. Plus they can be mounted in various ways: stand-alone (4 columns), fitted to an outside wall (2 columns) or built into an existing opening (without columns). The high quality of the materials used and the design of the Camargue® and Algarve® reduce maintenance to a minimum whilst guaranteeing exceptional durability.

An ideal solution for every application

The Algarve® is delivered with a span side of up to 4500 mm and a pivot side of up to 6050 mm per element and is mainly used as a sun protection solution. The Camargue® can be ordered with maximum dimensions up to 4500 mm (span side) and 6200 mm (pivot side). Furthermore, it is joinable, both at pivot and span side. Both solutions are suitable for new building developments and the renovation of private homes, business premises (restaurants, bars, …) and building projects (schools, healthcare, …).

RENSON® Lagune® and Lapure®: terrace coverings with watertight sun-protection roof screen

Both RENSON® Lagune® and Lapure® terrace coverings have to be fitted to an existing façade and have a watertight wind-proof sunscreen built in the roof structure.

The Lagune® is a stylish RENSON® terrace covering based on a patented aluminium construction and a roof structure which uses innovative wind-tight, watertight, light-penetrating sun screens, that can be opened or closed, depending on the weather. This solution uses the ingenious Fixscreen®-technology combined with an unrivalled fabric tension, making the screen wind-resistant in every position. Thanks to this technology, the rain falling on the fabric simply drains away through concealed guide water channels. Even when the fabric is not fully extended, the rainwater is drained away.

LED-lights can be integrated in the Rooffix®-profiles. The adjustability of the LED-lights allow the user to create the atmosphere he or she wants. Furthermore, the system can be equipped with a specially designed box including one or more heating elements, which can be installed on the front or back profile of the Rooffix®. This box can also be delivered with flat panel speakers.


This stylish and minimalistic terrace covering is a water-resistant sun-protection roof screen which rests on elegant and discrete aluminium columns (with no obtrusive joints) and is fitted to an existing wall. When the roof is closed, the Lapure® provides protection from the sun, wind and rain. The roof can be opened to enjoy the sun without having to move the structure. There are two models of the Lapure®: one that drains water through side channels and columns, even when half-closed. And another model with a roof overhang beyond the columns, allowing you to enjoy as much shade as possible. As a result you also get enough shade when the sun is low (e.g. if fitted to a west-facing wall). With a wide range of colours for the structure and screen fabric, the Lapure® blends in with any architectural style. Particularly for restaurants and bars, it’s interesting to know that 3 Lapure® terrace coverings can be mounted to a total length of 12m.

Infinite customisation

By incorporating wind-resistant screens, glass sliding doors or sliding panels, all of the RENSON® terrace coverings create an extra outdoor space that offers protection against excessive sun, wind and rain. The Fixscreen® is a wind-resistant motorised sun protection screen, available in no less than 50 colours and can be fitted with Crystal windows. In addition, you can build in glass sliding doors, that can also be combined with screens. The Loggia® sliding panels offer yet another possibility. These can be equipped with the same fabric as the screens (Loggiascreen® 4Fix), with wooden (Loggiawood®) or aluminium blades (Loggialu®). With the ‘privacy’-concept, those blades are even movable  so they can be manually tilted from closed to completely open position or vice versa. Each of these elements allow the user to customise their terrace covering and make the solution fit into any building situation.

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