Recyfix® Monotec A New Monolithic Drainage System With A High Attenuation Volume

Hauraton Limited have introduced into the UK, RECYFIX® MONOTEC, their new high capacity channel system for the surface drainage of pavements, bicycle routes, car/van parks and roadways in and around residential, commercial and light industrial areas where the channels need to have high lateral strength, are capable of withstanding continuous compressive loads and where ease of installation is a major consideration.

The RECYFIX® MONOTEC one metre long channel component is of a sturdy monolithic design where the grating and the tongue and groove linking system are integral to the channel moulding. The whole unit is made of tough, virtually unbreakable polypropylene (PP) formulated to be very resistant to daily temperature fluctuations from frost conditions to strong sunlight, including the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum. PP is naturally resistant to de-icing salt. Complying with the requirements of EN 1433, the PP is given its UV resistance by adding just sufficient carbon black as a stabiliser so that the structural strength of the material is unaffected and a consistent appearance is maintained.

MONOTEC channels are offered in two nominal grating widths of 100 and 200mm, both suitable for a loading category of up to Class D400. The 100mm channels are available in three overall heights; 230, 280 and 380mm and provide channel cross-sections of 190.5cm2, 245.5 cm2, and 355.5cm2 respectively. The largest 200mm channel, which only weighs 16.2kg, has a cross-section of 746.1cm2 and so has an attenuation volume in excess of 74 litres per meter.

The three sizes of 100mm channels can be arranged in a step-fall arrangement with different channel heights connected by special transition adaptors that ensure the water drains away smoothly and quietly with the increased flow velocity playing a considerable role in cleaning the channel run. The step-fall arrangement may be desirable where there is a high risk of silting as the increased flow will help wash debris towards the system’s Inspection/Trash Box.

Ingenious grating design…

In 2010 Hauraton introduced FIBRETEC®, a new design of moulded slot grating on their RECYFIX® PRO range of channels. This heelsafe grating has super smooth, elliptical slot openings where the moulded bars have slightly raised triangular bosses along their outside edges. As well as providing an elegant appearance, this feature ensures surface water is directed into the slots helping eliminate any cross-flow over the grating. A grating with the same design has now been incorporated in the RECYFIX® MONOTEC which helps optimise its attenuation volume. The introduction of RECYFIX® MONOTEC means in any project, there are now three different types of channel in the Haruaton range that can be specified with the same grating design.

Tim Connolly, Hauraton’s Director of Sales and Marketing explains a major benefit of the new channels, “Specifying RECYFIX® MONOTEC allows hydraulic engineers and contractor’s wide flexibility during the design and installation stages by reducing the number of channel runs normally required to drain a large area. The reduction means less materials being used and fewer underground excavations, all resulting in an easy and fast installation procedure”.

RECYFIX® MONOTEC channels are certified in accordance with EN 1433. The CE symbol, external monitoring and the conformity declaration are the guarantee of a maximum technical and qualitative standard.

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