Provender Nurseries purchases new electric buggies to deal with extra order volume

To increase efficiency and deal with the extra volume of orders this season, Provender Nurseries have purchased 2 new electric buggies to collect and collate customer orders.

The electric buggies are part an ongoing process for Provender Nurseries adding to their existing improvements to reduce their impact on the planet from within the horticulture industry.

Some of the improvements undertaken in the last year are, Provender Nurseries recently changed their electricity provider to Bulb, a 100% renewable gas and electricity supplier, new trade cards on order are 100 recyclable, harvesting rainwater on new buildings on site, all new printed marketing material is now on recyclable paper and their delivery fleet vehicles are all Euro 6 compliant and all of their own grown stock in their satellite growing sites are grown in peat free growing media.

Richard McKenna says, ‘As a business it is important to us to make the changes to becoming greener where we can.  We continue to look at all aspects of what Provender Nurseries can do to become more sustainable in our approach.  Of course, as with anything many changes cannot be made overnight and changes are gradual and part of an ongoing process.  Once Covid restrictions relax a little more we will be restarting regular meetings with our Environmental team to discuss what Provender Nurseries can continue to do.’

Provender Nurseries is a trade only supplier of plants and related products to landscape professionals.  More information can be found at