Protect against damage from tree roots, Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plant species

DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier, recognized by the Environment Agency, is known for its quality and reliability. It is flexible and adaptable, specified for all types of projects, from the very large, including new builds, to small residential projects. It can be easily jointed on site, using double-sided butyl tape. It is an excellent and proven way to protect structures and services from tree roots and Japanese Knotweed.

DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier comes in 27 stock sizes, from a small 1m x 10m roll, up to a 30m x 30m sheet.

DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier is used in various ways:

  • Vertically, to prevent lateral intrusion of roots and rhizomes, to protect underground services and to prevent ingress from neighbouring sites
  • Horizontally, to protect buildings and surfaces from vertical intrusion of roots and rhizomes, this includes installation below foundations
  • Services, wrapped with root barrier membrane, to protect pipes, etc.
  • ‘Cell’, to avoid the very expensive process of transportation of contaminated soil to a waste facility, licensed for Japanese Knotweed. To comply with Environment Agency guidelines on root spread of Japanese Knotweed, the quantities of spoil can be extremely significant. With a ‘Cell’, soil is retained within the site, reburied and completely sealed within a ‘Cell’ of DENDRO-SCOTT™ Root Barrier. The potential cost saving is enormous!

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