Prevent flying debris.Innovative attachment for string trimmer or brush cutter. POWER ROTARY SCISSORS

Power Rotary Scissors is the innovative attachment for any brand string trimmer or brush cutter.It features two independent round, tooth blades that move in “opposite” directions for smooth, clean cutting.

The 1:20 reduction ratio and counter rotating blades create a clean,safe,sharp cut in any use.It can prevent flying gravel or debris damaging your trees, plants or even cars in parking lots.Preventing flying debris means it is an ideal brush cutter attachment for operators working in conditions with risks or potential for damaging of property.

Power rotary scissors is great for edging, wetland clearance and uncovering of landmarks (drain covers etc).Perfect for precision cutting around lawns, gardens, bunkers and sand traps.

With the Power Rotary Scissors, you target exactly what needs to be cut.

Major features are as follows.

  • 『Flat bottom design』 Ideal for cutting lawn flat.
  • 『Counter rotating blades』 For reduced risk of causing damage and kick-back.
  • 『Easy edging』 Perfect for tidying edges.
  • 『At the water’s edge』 Ideal for trimming at the water’s edge or wetland.
  • 『Less flying debris』Useful for trimming near parked vehicles,office windows.

Blades are easy to sharpen and replace as the gear unit can be completely disassembled for easy maintenance.

With dual blade rotating scissor action, multiple adapters to fit a wide range of trimmers, and additional blade options available for thin/soft grass, edging, or multi-purpose cutting.

The Power Rotary Scissors trimmer head keeps the operator clean and safe from flying debris.Attach this to a string trimmer or brush cutter in minutes and instantly increase productivity and safety.


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