Prepare for winter weather with Kärcher snow moving equipment

The nature of weather systems in the UK make snow hard to predict and seemingly even harder to deal with when it does arrive. But with some forward planning and clever choice of products, you can be ready for when snow does hit. And because all of Kärcher’s snow moving equipment is now available with a range of attractive leasing options (subject to status), you don’t even need to make large up-front investments.

Image1Kärcher offers three different kinds of snow moving equipment. At the head of the range are the STH snow throwers, all featuring 4-stroke petrol engines and offering snow clearing widths of 56, 66 or 76 cm. All feature an adjustable snow chute and a two-stage auger to easily collect and break up even heavy snow. Even in cold conditions the STH machines start easily, and with traction drive and familiar controls, are easy and intuitive to operate. The adjustable snow chute enables the operator to move snow in any direction, ensuring pathways, car parks and private roads are cleared quickly and effectively.

For all-season functionality, Kärcher also offers the KM 80 W P, a walk-behind petrol-powered sweeper that doubles up as a light snow mover. The machine is perfect for sweeping typical outdoor debris in public areas, such as leaves, litter and cigarette ends, and also does a great job of moving light snow falls from pathways and car parks. Easy to operate and easy to store, the KM 80 is a true all-season machine.

Kärcher’s MC 50 is a multi-purpose sweeper, mower and winter maintenance vehicle. When bad weather hits, within a couple of minutes and without tools the MC 50’s sweeping deck and hopper can be removed and replaced with a grit spreader and plough or cylindrical snow brush. As well as its year-round use for sweeping and winter use for snow moving, the MC 50 can also be fitted with grass cutting attachments – again, in just a few minutes and without tools.

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