Precision Grading Solutions from RMC Equipment

If you need to create a flat surface that is either level or on a grade, then the SharpGrade Box or Grader Blades are for you.

The SharpGrade is an attachment that is placed in front of a wide range of wheeled and tracked machines to create accurate finished surfaces within 3mm.

The SharpGrade was specifically developed from the ground up to operate with machine control: 2D laser, Sonic tracker, 3D GPS and Robot positioning technology. The SharpGrade has had extensive customer input to develop it to the stage where it is arguably the best box blade leveller in the world.

There are 4 main sections to the product range that we offer.

#1 SharpGrade Box Blade Series

The SharpGrade Box Blade series grader blades is accurate to within 3mm and cover the 20-120HP range of carrier machines. The range covers everything from stand on mini skid loaders and compact wheeled loaders through to large frame skid loaders. This range is ideal for landscapes, paving contractors, equestrian surfaces, industrial sheds, greenhouses floors & civils contractors. They grade going both forwards and backwards so no wasted fuel back tracking. They come with a retracting front carriage or a fixed front end. We also have the option of adding rippers to the frame to assist in breaking the ground, making it easier for the blade to penetrate the ground when reducing the ground.

#2 SharpGrade Grader Blade Series

We are the UK supplier of the SharpGrade Grader Blade which is the world’s first reversible grader blade with hydraulic side wings. Go forward, backwards, windrow or carry as needed. These models are designed for the large frame 90-120 HP skid steer loaders. Get the performance of a larger grading machine right from the seat of your skid steer loader and take advantage of your loader’s inherent manoeuvrability to level ground with unparalleled ease and efficiency: forwards and backwards!

Designed specifically to work on skidsteer loaders, the SharpGrade Grader Blade is the first in the world to work in forward and reverse, for optimal efficiency. Twin pivoting blades give the ability to cut, carry, trim, spread and finish in one pass, in either direction, for speed and control.

#3 QuadGrade Machine Control

Simple, reliable 2D control system for SharpGrade products with IP67 screen & Junction Box. Operates with fixed height, adjustable grade height laser receivers & Sonic tracker / slope sensor options. Provides precision grading in a very rugged format, without the complexity of conventional designs. Plug & play design, minimal wiring, easy to install, auto tune function does not require a machine control technician.
We also have a PRO version that is great for the hire market and takes away the need to wire up the carrier machine to run the machine control system, so it allows for a very easy swapping of the SharpGrade across your entire fleet.

#4 ScapeRake & TurfGrader

The TurfGrader is an integrated harley type power rake mounted on the SharpGrade Box Blade, ideal in turf or aggregate and it allows you to power rake the surface and grade on grade in one pass. Adjustable from 60mm below to 150mm above grading height, anytime. Pre-set stops for precise raking, rakes forwards & reverse, adjustable stone barrier with steel rollers for maximum life Ideal for mixing aggregate, soil conditioning, precision contouring, equestrian surfaces, lawns, landscaping etc.

The ScapeRake is a standalone harley type power rake that is ideal for heavy duty raking / contouring with large frame machines and for Mini Skid Steers and Compact Wheel Loaders. Wheels are mounted on chassis, so drum is free to contour. Ideal for turf, landscaping, lawns, contouring, soil conditioning etc.

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