Plaswood launches gates to complement extensive fencing range

Plaswood has launched a range of gates to complement its existing and extensive range of environmentally friendly fencing products.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Plaswood gates offer a smart, stylish and green alternative to traditional timber gates.  Unlike timber, Plaswood products are impervious to the influence of water or damp and therefore will not rot, splinter, crack or degrade with age, offering purchasers a trouble and maintenance free alternative to timber products.

Available in jet black and earth brown the single and double gates come with a galvanized frame, along with steel posts allowing the gates to be set directly in to the ground.
The gates can be finished with flat, round, chamfered or pointed tops and supplied with a locking system and access from both sides or inside only for increased security.

Mike Baxter, External Affairs Director said: “At the Plaswood Group, we serve a broad range of businesses across the construction and landscaping spectrum with our perfect wood substitute.  Plaswood is extremely versatile, plus having a life expectancy of at least 50 years, purchasers can make savings in both labour costs and materials when switching from wood to Plaswood.”

“We are very excited to see growing interest and demand for recycled plastic materials,” Mike added. “We believe that easy installation, long term cost savings and environmental benefits will see Plaswood products becoming the obvious alternative to traditional timber.”

Plaswood gates complement Plaswood’s existing range of fencing products which include:

Birdsmouth/Trip rail and Knee rail fencing: Available face fixed or mortised.  Posts can be flat, chamfered or bevelled tops for trip rail fencing and with inverted ‘V’ notches for birdsmouth fencing.

Close board fencing:  Creates a solid screen.  Pales are fixed to both sides of the rails and staggered to create the look of a close board panel.   The fencing can be supplied as prefabricated panels and posts or cut to size for fabrication on site.

Log rail fencing and revetment wall:  Ideal for use in curved boarders or edging, it can be used as a water retention wall, edging walls, flower beds or just to create garden features.   Available cut to size with pointed ends for easy installation.

Picket and pale fencing: Offering a neat and attractive structure, picket and pale fencing can be used in conjunction with either face fixed or mortised post and rail types.

All fencing is available in jet black and earth brown as standard, olive green, slate grey and multi-coloured options are also available.


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