Plant a big idea

Plant a big idea — watch it change a city. DeepRoot’s mission is to create a healthier, more vibrant and sustainable built environment by bringing green infrastructure like trees, soil, and on-site stormwater management to footpaths, plazas, car parks, and other paved areas.

The Silva Cell is a patented modular suspended pavement system that holds unlimited amounts of lightly compacted soil whilst supporting traffic loads beneath paving. The soil both nurtures mature tree growth and provides stormwater attenuation, bringing the function of the forest to the city.

With more than 30 years of experience in urban forestry and landscape architecture, Silva Cells have been installed at over 1,000 sites, including the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial (London), Dortmund Square (Leeds), Howard Street (Manchester), and Sovereign Square (Leeds).
DeepRoot Urban Solutions, Ltd.
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