Osmo – Anti-Slip Decking Oil

From high quality, beautiful decking, to top of the range wood finishes, Osmo is the wood product specialist.

Because the Osmo range is not produced for the mass market, more time can be spent on ensuring all the products are of the best quality. If you have any questions on the range, all of the Osmo team have an ecyclopaedic knowledge of our finishes, so they should be able to answer pretty much anything.

Osmo UK is owned by Steve Grimwood. Whilst working in Germany with Osmo UK’s parent manufacturer, Steve spotted the potential of the Osmo range and realised there was a niche in the UK market – Over 20 years and still going strong.

With everything from the popular Polyx®-Oil, the original Hardwax Oil, to the beautifully constructed flooring and decking, to our garden buildings, screens and fences all produced in Germany – the home of perfection – you can be guaranteed the products will not disappoint. The aim of Osmo UK is to be as environmentally friendly and ecologically sound as possible and this reflected in the products.

Osmo’s top selling interior products include Polyx®-Oil, Wood Wax Finish Transparent, Wash and Care and Liquid Wax Cleaner. The top selling exterior products include UV Protection Oil Extra, Natural Oil Woodstain and One Coat Only.

Tel: 01296 481 220