Oak Processionary Moth

BALI has been contacted by Defra to inform all BALI members that the Plant Health Service has intercepted an increasing number of cases of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) caterpillars on trees imported from the continent.

Swift action is being taken by the Plant Health Service to eradicate these findings, and also trace any other infested trees. You may receive requests for information from the Plant Health Service (APHA and Forestry Commission) about oak trees you have recently planted. We urge you to respond to these requests fully and quickly to help them rapidly deal with this situation.

It is vital that action is taken now to track down oak trees recently imported to minimise the spread of this damaging tree pest and protect the health of our oak trees.

Anyone who has recently planted larger oaks imported from the continent should also urgently check their trees for OPM and report any findings to TreeAlert. If you suspect OPM, you should not attempt to destroy or move infected material yourself as the nests and caterpillars can pose some risks to human health. Click here for more information on how to identify OPM on your oak trees.